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How global policy trends shows he means to take us for fools.

Taking Albanese seriously when he says he wants to create a nation building fund is a mistake and here’s my rant why. It should make you angry.

Foremost, it flies in the face of what has been government policy for many decades now- and indeed, flies in the face of what has been global western policy for even longer. Western economic policy is dominated by a series of axioms which are considered inviolable by the glutton ‘expert’ economists, their main axiom relevant to the question of local manufacturing being the good of macroeconomic specialisation.

Economic specialisation is argued to give…

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A controversial explanation of why and how things got this bad.

The buzz now has come and gone, making myself quite late to read the UN Women UK’s sexual harassment study which was notoriously reported by tabloids for its finding “97% of young women have been sexually harrassed.”

The controversy was immediate, articles flooding first to express the alarming need for change in light of the shocking statistic, but were not long after followed by counter-arguments trying to dismiss the study’s findings, claiming the definition was too broad and included forms of harassment they believed to not be serious enough to be counted.

However, this article isn’t to join either side…

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Answering questions never asked.

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